Winter time Adventures

Well as winter has come and gone I have taught myself how to make video’s for the travels that I do and the pictures that I shoot. I have been practicing with smaller video’s and topics. As I gained experience with that, I began to realize a dream of having a youtube channel to show case my work. As time went on I began to work and study how to do it. There will be two goals for the channel…

  1. To show through my lense what farmer see’s each and every day. Whether it be at sunrise, sunset, or in the middle of the day, there is always something unique to see in the country.
  2. Provide access to high quality farmland photography video and stock photography.

So I would like to invite you copy and paste the link into google visit the channel and view the possibilities. Once you have taken a look around subscribe to the channel and hit the bell so you will know when the next one is available.

Here’s the link..

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