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About Us

Artist’s Story

The images you are viewing right now are the culmination of something that started when I was very young. My Mom was from a farm 65 miles northwest of Eau Claire, Wisconsin and my father was an amateur photographer, so you can understand how something like this came to be.

Over the years while I was growing up, my summer vacations were spent with my cousins on the farm. So as I grew older my love for farming never left, it just got better and it just blended in with the photography.

Through several career changes, health issues and many hobby changes, it seemed as though I never lost my connection to agriculture. Whether through the annual visit to my cousins or to a county fair, it still remained strong.

When a serious health issue occurred in 2000, this interest just grew and grew until eventually it turned into a passion for farmland photography.

So with this foundation in farming and the rural way of life, it has always been my desire to take you, the viewer, on a journey to show through my lenses what the farmer see’s each and every day. Whether it be at sunrise, sunset, or in the middle of the day, there is always something unique to see in the country.

I would like to say “thank you” for taking the time to view my work.

Rich Mengel-Augie’sTractors Photography


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