So where have we been

Well since the last time I have written I have moved to some place different, but it amounts to being closer to farm country so I can continue my search of the rural areas to bring you the unique and unusual things that I find.

So with having to move, illness and enduring the first winter out in the country it has been an adventure. During this time I have done some rural photography and am now starting to add some landscape images here and there.

I would like to thank those of you that have stopped and left me a comment on this blog and my work it is very encouraging. I would like to invite those of you that haven’t been here in a while to come back and stick around because I have some exciting things in store.

I want to invite everyone to at least connect with me on twitter where you can always see what I am doing. Also if you are a photo buyer, editor or just someone in need of an image for something there is where I randomly provide sample of my stock images. Here’s my twitter address:

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