A Long Time

It’s been a long time since the last post and I want to apologize for that. During that time I have been up to some very interesting things. One of the things is I have been trying my hand at is rural landscape images and I am in the process of teaching my self how to shoot video. With the video I am hoping to develop a youtube channel to bring you actually what I am seeing on this adventure. When that is finally up and running I will post that for you.

In my travels watching the landscapes seems to make it a little more tougher to photograph because they are all unique in their own way. With the farms, barns, and other agriculture items there is always something to be photographed…. Isn’t that what they call job security? It is actually helping me to appreciate what I have with farm related material.

Several years ago I was on a photography trip in Southeastern Iowa and this friend of mine that was with me at the time took a side trip into a national wildlife refuge where there was a large collection of pelicans across from where we had stopped. As we stood there watching this they began to take off so for about 45 minutes I was able to photograph them taking off. While I was doing this the thought occurred to me how cool would it be to have a video of this and post it for people to watch. If you would like to see the images from that day feel free to let me know. So from then on began my quest to learn how to do video. So at a latter time I will post the link for my youtube channel so you can follow along with me on my travels.

So if you would like to see those pelican pictures feel free to email me and I will post them in the gallery for you…

Thanks for stoping by …..Until next time


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